Helpful Tips For Detoxification

Helpful Tips For Detoxification


From chemicals in cosmetics to artificial food additives, toxins exist all around you. In the long term, accumulating toxins in your body can lead to a number of health risks that range from chronic exhaustion to debilitating disease. Because avoiding toxins altogether is practically impossible, doing an occasional diet cleanse is the best way to stay healthy without sacrificing your favorite foods and products. Follow the tips below to learn how to put together a safe detox plan that works for your lifestyle and budget.

Choose a realistic detox program

The belief that you have to do an extreme cleanse to flush out all of your body’s toxins is a common misconception. Low-calorie fasts and juicing plans are not right for everyone, especially if you are a complete detox beginner. While lowering your daily caloric intake and replacing bad foods with better alternatives such as organic food is the right way to do a detox diet, eating less than your body needs to stay healthy can affect your mood and your ability to work. As long as you focus on the quality of the food you are consuming, there is no need to starve your body to get the full benefits of a detox cleanse.

Load up on fruits and vegetables

Because they are packed with nutrients and fiber, fruits and vegetables are staples in effective detox diets. For best results, detox with citrus fruits. Grapefruits, oranges and tangerines are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients that can help you flush out toxins and prevent disease.

Try a liquid fast

If juicing appeals to you, do a detox diet that incorporates healthy smoothies and fresh juices. Get a blender and a smoothie recipe book to create a liquid cleanse you can stick to. Remember to buy organic produce to avoid eating fruits and vegetables that contain high concentrations of pesticides.

Exercise regularly

While organic food is the cornerstone of most good detox diets, it is important not to underestimate the power of exercise. Working out is great for increasing your energy levels, strengthening your body and improving your overall health. If you are on a low-calorie detox plan, stick to light walking and starting an exercise routine such as yoga. You can pick up the intensity after your cleanse is finished.

Get plenty of rest

As toxins leave your body and you cope with food cravings throughout the day, you can start to feel completely exhausted and discouraged. To keep your energy levels up and reduce stress, plan to get eight hours of sleep every night.

Keep in mind that most detox diets should never be ended abruptly. Any cleanse that lowers calories or changes your eating habits needs to be followed up with a transitional period. To get back to your regular diet safely, start by adding in small amounts of healthy foods each day until you reach your normal calorie target. If you are feeling inspired by your cleanse results, give your regular diet a revamp by replacing packaged foods with lean proteins and organic products.

Andrew Womble is a dietitian and blogger on all things health when it comes to food and the body. He has a passion for healthy living and sharing his knowledge with others.